Hellio Messaging, better known as Hellio, is a Technology and Cloud Communications platform as a service company based in Accra, Ghana. Hellio has more than 30 presence worldwide.

What we
believe in

Reliability & Quality

Hellio's software links all major messaging hubs and directly connects to many mobile network operators. Global messaging capabilities are brought into one simple API, sending and delivering messages to people all over the world.

Transparency & Security

Everything is crystal clear. We offer delivery reports for every single message. Track all messages in real time and see full usage statistics, as well as historical data, at any time.


Relationships, not transactions. Delivering on clients' business needs creates long-lasting partnerships. Our team shares the mindset of going the extra mile, which is why our first customers are still with us today.

 Simplicity & Support

Integrating an API should never turn into a software development project on its own. Tools have to be simple to use. Our customer support is 100% free of charge, and our support team is quick to respond to your questions.

Our Stats

  • Customers
  • 2B+Messages Sent
  • Networks
  • Operator Coverage