Pricing Plan

  • We understand that not all businesses are in good financial standing,
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Pricing Plan

Default Price

Note: This Pricing Calculator ONLY applies to Ghana routes!

GHC 0.030
Price Per SMS
(Please note that price changes per volume)
0.0348 (per sms)
348 GHC
0.034 (per sms)
680 GHC
0.030 (per sms)
1500 GHC
0.028 (per sms)
2800 GHC
0.025 (per sms)
5000 GHC
0.023 (per sms)
11,500 GHC
0.020 (per sms)
20,000 GHC
0.017 (per sms)
34,000 GHC

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