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Default Price

Note: This Pricing Calculator ONLY applies to Ghana routes!

GHS 0.0348
Price Per SMS
(Please note that price changes per volume)
No. of Messages Rate (Gp - Pesewas) Price (GHS)
10,000 0.0348 (per sms) 348
20,000 0.034 (per sms) 680
50,000 0.030 (per sms) 1500
100,000 0.028 (per sms) 2800
200,000 0.025 (per sms) 5000
500,000 0.023 (per sms) 11,500
1,000,000 0.020 (per sms) 20,000
2,000,000 0.017 (per sms) 34,000
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Hellio provides an easy and convenient way to top-up your account. We provide an option to pay online using a credit card or Offline via USSD code. To top-up your account, click on buy credit located at the top right corner of your screen, a modal will pop-up.

Enter the amount to purchase (NB: Minimum amount top-up is 50GHS) then click on the pay button. You will be redirected to another screen where you would enter your details to make the payment. Follow the instructions to complete your transaction.

Once your payment is confirmed, your account will be credited automatically, and it should reflect on your account instantly. If for, any reason you, don't see it reflected, kindly refresh your browser or reach us via WhatsApp.
There are lots of reason why messages sometimes aren't delivered. Some of the common causes of this is as follows:

    Leave a message
  1. Your message contains keywords which are classified as spam and therefore automatically blocked by the telcos should your message content contains any of those keywords. Click here to see the list of keywords that are classified as spam and blocked by our partners (the telcos).

    If the issue persists, kindly send us an email at or WhatsApp

  2. The recipient's phone is either out of coverage, switched off, message inbox full or the number is no longer active.
Below is a video demostration of how to Upload Bulk Contacts from an Excel or CSV file.
Hellio has connections to over 190+ telcos worldwide, which makes it easy for you to send messages across the world right from a single dashboard. Though prices differ for every country, check with your account manager to confirm the price for the desired destination. Contact us via WhatsApp to have your account configured with the desired routes for the countires you wish to send messages to.
We give a significant discount when you're sending substantial traffic. To find out the best deal you can get, please contact your account manager for more information.
The Hellio Messaging team of experts developers are always on standby to assist our customers with the required support needed to help integrate our API into new and existing applications. kindly send us an email at or WhatsApp us on +233242813656.
Still have unanswered questions? Send us an Email or Call or WhatsAapp us on: +233242813656, +233265515154